Emily had asked the day prior if I wanted to take part of the next day and go down out of the snow for a walk. Ever since we have had to put our sailing plans on hold we have mostly been back in the mountain in the snow and driving 45 minutes south changes temperatures from the 30s to the 50s.

“Sure,” I declared as I needed to get out for a training run anyway. So we headed down after completing some work.

We rarely make specific plan, as we would rather opt to decide on the specific location as we drive. After looking at our usual location, Tungsten Hills, we opted to head out into the volcanic tablelands which sit to the north of Bishop, CA.

This area slowly climbs out of the Owens Valley as you head north meeting eventually with what we call the Green Church Road, climbing nearly 3000 feet. The main road going through the area is Casa Diablo Road. This road can be transited by most vehicles as it is well maintained.

Even having been on this road many times we were struck by the wonderful views of both the White mountains and the Sierras. This far view is punctuated by sweeping sage land broken up by basalt formations. Along the road you find many camp sites which on a busy weekend are occupied by boulderers challenging their skills on the local bouldering grounds. For Emily and I the day was going to be a bit quieter.

We first found a short road heading off to the east. Emily not wanting to go to far found the road perfect as it was only .75 miles ending in a small campsite at the edge of the new wilderness study area. We left to find a better place for me to run which was found a few more miles down the road.

The run was amazing. What made it so amazing was the absolute silence of the area. To add to this as I headed for up the road, climbing up in elevation the views opened up even more. After 3 mile climb it was time to turn on the speed for an exhilarating pace downhill back to the truck.

For all the complaining I have done over having our sailing plans interrupted, these impromptu moments in the mountains remind me just how fortunate we are that not only do we have a beautiful boat, but we also get to experience the Eastern Sierra as a home.

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Brent has been exploring the mountains and oceans since he was young. From rock climbing, and big walls , to ultra-marathons, sailing, diving and long trail adventures, he has been challenging himself to become a better person and grow through experience. He looks forward to many decades more of adventure and challenge.

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