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Rediscovering the Buttermilks

Why is it so easy to forget? Is it just that it looks different or am I just in a different space to see it differently? We’re down in Bishop, 40 miles away from Mammoth Lakes where we are currently living and working. Getting things in place so that we can depart towards the end of this year on our sailboat, Makara. We have plans but today, we are going for a walk…somewhere. Line of […]

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A Great Day In The Volcanic Tablelands

Emily had asked the day prior if I wanted to take part of the next day and go down out of the snow for a walk. Ever since we have had to put our sailing plans on hold we have mostly been back in the mountain in the snow and driving 45 minutes south changes temperatures from the 30s to the 50s. “Sure,” I declared as I needed to get out for a training run […]

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