• Twenty Years of Believing and Working to Make A Dream Come True

    “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

    David Mitchell

  • Makara An Ed Monk SeaRaker 50

    Searaker 50 is a boat to go anywhere the oceans will take us.

  • We Love The Mountains Too

    Having spent the last 18 years in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains and being avid Climbers, Hikers, and trail runners. We find the mountains are a reflection of ocean living.

  • Big Things Are Happening!

    We are preparing Makara to cross the Pacific in March 2024

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Having fun at the Mogote

With visions of wind filled sails and distant lands, our path forward is filled with equal parts sharp stones and beautiful flowers. We live in the mountains and on the sea. Currently 80%/20%….dreaming of 0%/100%. We’ve lived the traditional mountain life of demanding jobs, mega snowy winters and big mountain adventures. Now, with an unwavering health challenge and the loss of our Alaskan Malamute, Wilson (definitely not a water dog), it is time. Time to slow our pace. Time to simplify. Time to explore. Time to return to the dream that we had when we first met. We want to invite you to be a part of our lives as we make this big transition into our future. Whether you simply visit with us online or spend a week sailing with us, we are eager to make you our friend.

OUR STORY       Brent and I started on this journey many years ago when we first met. Brent’s answer to my ‘getting to know you questions of what his next step was after being laid off was not what I expected. I was thinking of all normal answers such as “I’m looking for another job” or “I might take this time to find myself” (I was living in Seattle after all). This was not his answer. Instead, he said that he was going to take the time to explore, to climb, to hike, to sail and see where those decisions would take him. I was intrigued and interested in sharing a life with someone who wanted something different than the societal norms.

We left Seattle on his 27 foot sailboat to sail the world. Great intentions with no real knowledge of how to make this happen from a financial perspective. By the time we reached San Diego, we were hesitant to go further. This was not the age of the internet so research and communicating with others was limited to learn how. We ended up selling our boat and moving to Prescott, AZ where is mom lived and built a life on land. It was a good life adding Wilson to our family. With our love of climbing and being in nature, an opportunity was presented to move to the Eastern Sierra of California and hence, why we are mountain dwellers longing for an ocean experience. Life continued, house got purchased, Job responsibilities grew, adventure in the mountains enjoyed, small ocean experiences to the Channel Islands taken, and health conditions endured.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT     We often hear others that are doing it say ‘just sell everything and just go’. The reality is that is not that easy to do. Maybe you have an enjoyable life on land being close to friends and family that you’ll deeply miss. Maybe you have responsibilities to others that are important and this transition is difficult. Perhaps you have a health challenge that makes you doubt that this could ever be a reality. This is what our journey is about. Not just living on a boat in a marina but exploring life through travel and experience. Taking care of those things that do matter in order to live this different life. We have a house to renovate in order for it to be ready to sell when the time is right without having to leave our new life to do it. We run a hotel in our mountain resort town and need that income to keep us going as we develop other means of income as well as for my medical expenses. We are Investing time to develop marketable skills such as video production, freelance graphic design, and welding. While we have our salaries, we are doing what we can on our boat, Makara in order to reduce our financial needs in the future. It’s a lot of work and we are committed.

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