grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel

Into the Darkness

I am truly fortunate to have a husband who is fervently passionate about embarking on big adventures to feel connected with the world. I call it a blessing, because it grants me an extraordinary opportunity. An opportunity to acquaint myself with the profound darkness— not merely spiritually, but literally as well. In this velvety obscurity, there lie lessons of resilience and endurance. As dawn breaks at 6am, I leave Brent at the trailhead and commit […]

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Log Entry February 17, 2023

Makara lazily sits on her Rocna anchor in La Paz Harbor. We have been in this spot for more than two weeks waiting for the weather to turn to spring in the Sea of Cortez and to get parts for the Perkins engine. Over the last two weeks we have seen wind storms out of the north every 2-4 days. These storms usually come in wind speeds of 20 to 35 knots. Combined with short […]

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Rediscovering the Buttermilks

Why is it so easy to forget? Is it just that it looks different or am I just in a different space to see it differently? We’re down in Bishop, 40 miles away from Mammoth Lakes where we are currently living and working. Getting things in place so that we can depart towards the end of this year on our sailboat, Makara. We have plans but today, we are going for a walk…somewhere. Line of […]

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A Great Day In The Volcanic Tablelands

Emily had asked the day prior if I wanted to take part of the next day and go down out of the snow for a walk. Ever since we have had to put our sailing plans on hold we have mostly been back in the mountain in the snow and driving 45 minutes south changes temperatures from the 30s to the 50s. “Sure,” I declared as I needed to get out for a training run […]

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Choosing a Challenge

I had stumbled up the sandy south slope leading to the top of Silver Pass on the John Muir Trail. The pain in my left leg, which had begun the day before while climbing up Selden Pass, had only amplified from the day’s long 19 miles. I knew at that time the challenge of 2020, to hike the JMT from Cottonwood Pass to Yosemite Valley in 6 days, was over. I sat down on a […]

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