Makara lazily sits on her Rocna anchor in La Paz Harbor. We have been in this spot for more than two weeks waiting for the weather to turn to spring in the Sea of Cortez and to get parts for the Perkins engine.

Over the last two weeks we have seen wind storms out of the north every 2-4 days. These storms usually come in wind speeds of 20 to 35 knots. Combined with short period seas of 6 feet or more, it makes for difficult conditions to move north in the sea. No complaints though as La Paz is what you might call a staging ground for those moving north or south.

Today I have received several updates on parts for the engine. I feel that our issue with our white and dirty exhaust is from a head failure either in the gasket or valves or both. I place a order with TAD (TransAtlantic Diesel) for a complete rebuilt and tested head, water pump, injectors, and all gaskets, which went into shipment yesterday. I am having them shipped via DHL to La Paz. Since this is first, I am not sure of the process which makes me a bit nervous. I expect they will get here just fine, but we will have to see.

The good part is the next 5-7 days are going to be good weather days. With Marci Gras happening this weekend, it should be a good time. Tomorrow night we plan to go and see what this is all about.

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