We arrived at Evaristo a few days earlier to shelter from the wind. It blew up to 30 knots yesterday keeping us locked down in the boat. Today we went on an adventure.

At about 9am we called up Tim and Robin on Nani Ola to see if they wanted to join us on a walk. They said yes and we agreed on 30 minutes. Emily and I heard about a trail rising off a beach across from us ending at a cross at the top of the bluff making the north arm of the cove of Bahia Evaristo. When Tim and Robin arrived I told them about this followed by a discussion of where the trail might be. After some discussion I mention an alternative which was walking over the ridge where the road into town heads into the mountains. We all agreed on this option.

A short dinghy ride to shore and we were on our way. Conversation flowed easily between all of us and we made our way up the ridge. The views from the ridge back toward the anchorage were stunning. The elevation accentuated the enclosed nature of the anchorage. We look over the ridge in to dry wash valley which headed off to the south, out to the water. None of us were ready to turn around so down we went continuing on the dirt road.

We follow the road to a turn at the wash which would follow the wash to the water. The road was well worn indicating high use, though we could not understand why. We all decided to follow it to the water, as the distance did not seem that far.

Trucks would pass us every so often proving the road was well used. The road would look like it was getting close to the water but after walking a good distance we looked on a boating app on Tim’s phone, which showed we had been paralleling the beach. Another road had been passed a short time earlier. This road was in the direction of the beach and we walked back to it, then followed it. After a short time we found ourselves on a wide beach with clear water.

Our mistake for the day was made in thinking we could follow the beach back to Evaristo. When we looked at the beach it looked like it went continuously till it hit the rising point of land making the south barrier of the anchorage. We followed along for about 3/4 of mile and suddenly we saw a cliff section blocking us from continuing. It may have been better to trace our steps back, but we chose to take a direct line following a wash back toward the road.

The wash was working out fine for awhile, but then it pinched off with brush. We found ourselves navigating cacti and all other sharp, poking plants as we wandered through the desert. We finally came over a rise above the main wash finding the road on the other side.

The final walk over the hill found us all tired and ready for food. We ended the day in the little restaurant on the beach for some fish tacos.

Desert and the Sea


  1. If there weren’t cactus there, I would be jealous. Looks peaceful

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