Today was a success in one way, I finished the hydronic heat exchanger between the engine and the water heater.

Engine/ water heater heat exchanger installed

When switching the heater tubes changed over I was thinking I would be spilling a good amount of radiator fluid. I avoided this by taking a pair of long nose vise grips, taping the teeth, then using it as a clamp to shut off the flow while moving them over. It worked.

I think the hardest part of the job was trying to burp the water heater loop. I had to keep pressurizing the header tank by blowing into the vent line to force fluid down and then trying to have the air in the line rise to the header tank. I think I probably did it the hard way, but it worked.

The day ended with hot showers for both of us, made possible by a new operational system.

Check another one off!

On another note: We have been waiting to see an update on the parts we ordered for the engine. We are having them shipped from the States to La Paz, which should not be an issue, but seems to be taking a bit to get into action. Emily and I were talking about wanting to get out of La Paz for a bit. Unless we hear something new about the parts we are going to head out to Espirtu Santo till they the parts arrive. It will be nice to have a change of scene for a few days.

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