We spent the evening hours sitting in the cockpit of Red Witch talking ideas. There were the usual suspects, Jason, Sheya, and Falcon (their six week old son), Matt from the catamaran Nabu, and Emily and I. The conversation flowed smoothly from subject to subject. It was amazing.

La Pax Harbor

Have you considered the true blessings of human interaction. Here were six individuals inhabiting a space of may 48 square feet having discussions ranging from world politics to boat systems. In all of this we found common ground. That is not to say we agree on all matters, but that matters little when you see the heart of another person.

I find moments like this to be very special. We Met Jason and Sheya on Isla Espirtu Santo when we first arrived in the Sea of Cortez. They had come down from a very small town along the central coast of British Columbia, Canada and had their son, Falcon, in La Paz. Matt, on Nebu, was also from British Columbia, but with his distinct German accent you knew he had grown up in Germany. Matt had spent 15 years building his catamaran, a very impressive accomplishment. We met about a week after Jason and Sheya in La Paz harbor. All of them we found to be easy to talk to and very helpful if the need arose.

So here we were in the warm air of La Paz, sitting on Red Witch, enjoying a few beers all the while letting ourselves connect with each other. What more can a random group of people want. It is enough to know we all want the best for each other and have as much hope in their future as we have in our own.

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