All days start out a bit different and today did not make the exception list. I think I can speak for Emily in saying it was a hard day to wake up. It could have been many reasons, but I lean toward Mardi Gras. Every night it is like being at a club. La Paz has three stage areas set up and we are about one half of a mile away with only water to break the sound. Water doesn’t do a good job of blocking sound unless you are ten feet under. The contrasting music with the booming bass makes for chaos. This goes on till about 2 am. Well It does only happen once a year, so I guess we can bear it.

One of the coolest aspects of cruising in a boat is the community. It is always a surprise who you might meet and where they are from. I find this to be the most rewarding thing. I met Fred and Judi Smeaton of Pit Pony on the dinghy dock of Marina de La Paz when we first arrived. I was going out and they were coming in. Fred mentioned how crazy the dock was and I agreed. A brief conversation ensued in which I found out they were heading back to Australia soon after being on a 6-year circumnavigation.

In the weeks that followed I found myself continually running into them. We would strike up small conversations each time, but nothing all that significant. What struck me about them was they had a since of peace and excitement in their being. It kind of made me want to talk to them. Today Emily and I arrived at the dock where Fred was filling up jugs with water and as usual the dock was packed with too many dinghies. We started talking and had a wonderful conversation about boats, gear and when each of us were leaving La Paz.

I think these meetings of people always make life interesting. It is what keeps my hopes alive regarding strangers. So many people in this community will go far out of their way to help each other. As this day ends I can now dream that me and Emily will run into Fred and Judi Smeaton in some anchorage in Australia and talk adventures past, present and future.

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