In 1997 I had my first faint thought of sailing. I grew up in the deserts of Arizona, so the idea of traveling the world by boat was not the most natural vision to have. It was a chance discussion with a couple which sparked my curiosity. They spoke so passionately about sailing. I was always drawn to adventure. The year prior I had climbed my first route on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and would see many more ascents of this natural wonder over the years. The overheard discussion would stick with me as I relocated from Southern California to Seattle.

In Seattle I always knew I had to try out sailing before leaving, after all the area is known for its water activities. I rented a laser on Lake Union one warm summer day, managing to sail across the lake and tack my way back to the rental dock I knew I needed to pursue this. So like all people bit by the sailing bug I went out and bought a boat.

This was all a long time ago. Many years have passed since that first laser sail not to mention a few boats. I met Emily not long after purchasing the first boat. We sailed down the west coast and though it did not work out for us we loved the lifestyle and have known all along we wanted to pick up where we left off to go much further, see the world , and learn about things which books cannot teach but must be experienced to be known.

I would like to say this was all planned out, but like most people, Emily and I have been swayed back and forth by time and events. I have come to believe there is no good time to pursue your dreams, just the time you have now. If you step off with a leap of faith in to the unknown of your dreams you will find a way to make it all work. If you do not take the leap you may find yourself one day to old to pursue the dream and will in turn pursue regret.

With Emily and I getting older (though by no means old by modern terms), we find ourselves at the edge having to answer the question to step off into the unknown or step back into the safety of the routine. For Emily this decision has been even harder. She not only is the same age as me, but she has struggled with chronic neurological issues for the last decade. She has always been an inspiration having never given in to the urge to give up. She has worked full time where others would have not gotten out of bed and has continued to be active even when her body was trying to force into a life in bed or the couch. The truth is if life is shooting its warning shot over my bow it shot it into hers long ago. For me this is one thing I wish to give her before we both cannot handle the rigors of a life at sea, but more for her since we do not know when she may not be able to do this, though I am betting she will surprise all with the resiliency she has.

Our desires, maybe better put Our Obsessions, is to travel the world on our new (but old) boat to experience the wonder of the worlds oceans, mountains, beaches, reefs and wildlife. Along the way we want to learn about the cultures of this great world we share, remember the history of what has brought us all to this point and become knowledgeable in an experiential way of where as a planet we are going and maybe, just maybe, help show ourselves and a few others a few ways we can change to have a different future.

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