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The hook on Isla San Francisco in the Sea of Cortez Mexico

Ships Log March 7, 2023-Unexpected Adventure

What an interesting few days!! A labyrinth of mangroves with an abundance of White Egrets, stone cairns overlooking the ocean, and an unexpected hiking adventure teetering on the very exposed crest of a mountain range. I’m sitting in our cockpit with the canvas windows completely open, listening to the gentle movement of water lapping at the sides of the dinghy.  The sun has just set casting the most perfect orange glow on the mountain that […]

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Ships Log February 27, 2023

LEAVING LA PAZ Sometimes we wonder if we’re on the right road in life and then little things pop up that say “yes, you are”. There is this little stirring of impatience that occurs when we’ve been sitting somewhere for too long. We both experience this whether we are on land or sea. For most, this is called a vacation. Becoming cruisers it is called a lifestyle. There are many boaters who get to a […]

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Ships Log February 21, 2023

Carnival in La Paz, Mexico. Up until today, it’s been mostly really loud thumping base keeping us awake until 2am…man, have we really gotten that old? Tonight, we went into town to actually experience this tradition of indulgence and fun before the fasting of Lent begins After a morning of emails and group contracts , we headed into La Paz for a double Avocado Burger (we must indulge after all) and a walk on the […]

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