Makara Projects, AKA: Showing Makara Some Love

Makara is an Ed Monk Searaker 50, built in 1977 by Windward Marine out of Tacoma, Washington. From the history we could find about her she has been on a Pacific excursion to New Zealand and back with her first owners and the second owners took her to Alaska several times. When we purchased her she was in Seattle at Shilshole Bay. We sailed her down to Channel Islands Harbor in May of 2019. She withstood some pretty big confused seas in this trip, which is not uncommon for the north Pacific in May, and she has proven sound. 

There is not a lot to prepare her for the next journey, but like all vessels she needs some attention. When she was purchased her genset was not working and will need replacement. Along with genset all of her portlights will need to be replaced, the engine attended to and a watermaker added to help keep us free from the dock. We have already put a lot of love into her by giving her all new sails, cleaning the entire inside, adding solar, and a systems monitor.

There will be no shortage of tasks to accomplish in preparing her and we look forward to getting them done. 

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