About US

Seventeen years ago we had our first cruising experience sailing down the west coast of the United States. From Seattle we took a leisurely month bopping our way to San Diego. We had every intention to go on to Mexico and further, but as happens to all of us at times, Iife got in the way. Well, maybe more accurately, our doubts and lack of knowledge got in the way. We made a change of plan and went back to school, learned new skills, had a wonderful dog and moved to the mountains, but the longing to return to the sea has never left us.

We have been sailing out of Southern California for the last 13 years. We took one short trip to sail down to La Paz, Mexico and back (more on this later). Yet we have longed for more. Don’t get me wrong the mountains of the Sierra Nevada are amazing, but we need to see the world by sea. This year will be our transition year. We will be working hard to set in place our move from the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains onto Makara to begin an open ended journey of exploration.  


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